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Stefan Attig, BA, Human Geography and Environmental Studies

Stefan is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto, where he studied a BA in Human Geography and Environmental Studies. His passion lies in sustainable city development, and equitable access to active transportation and public transit.

Stefan volunteers at 8 80 Cities as an administrative assistant, performing various tasks that are required from the organization.

Stefan enjoys exploring the City of Toronto, tinkering with model kits, and Instagramming architecture.

Stefan Attig
Stefan Attig
Rossana Tudo, BA MUP
Project Manager

Rossana joined 8 80 Cities in June of 2015 and is dedicated to building engaged and inclusive cities. She is a versatile urban planner with a combined eight years of planning and research experience spanning three cities (Toronto, Montreal, and New York).

Having worked in a wide range of roles and fields, she applies a creative and multi-disciplinary approach to all her work.

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Rossana Tudo 
Rossana Tudo 
Alyssa Bird, M.Sc.Pl
Sr. Project Manager

Alyssa is a long-time fan of getting people outside and active. She's passionate about physical activity in public space and making recreation accessible in any community. Trained in urban planning, public health, and community engagement, Alyssa's recent focus has been on Open Streets advocacy and implementation in communities across Canada and the USA.

Since 2011, Alyssa has been a part of the 8 80 Cities team in various roles. She just can't get enough of people and projects that strive to make our communities into places where we can all thrive.

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Alyssa Bird 
Alyssa Bird 
Liliana Diaz
Liliana Diaz
Liliana Diaz
Accounting Analyst

It was 2008 when Liliana joined 8 80 Cities, bringing over 10 years of international working experience in general accounting, financial planning, and reporting. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, a specialization in tax preparation, and hands-on knowledge of accounting standards and best practices, Liliana has participated in diverse projects in the public and private sectors in both Canada and Mexico.

Liliana is passionate about starting new projects and recognizes the benefits to individuals and society at large of 8 80 Cities projects, which she happily supports as a volunteer. She is a lover of the outdoors and believes that being in harmony with nature is an important piece of our overall health and well-being.

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Emily Munroe 
Emily Munroe 
Emily Munroe, BA, Int’l PMC
Executive Director

Emily has been with 8 80 Cities since 2009 and has managed diverse engagement and capacity building projects both locally and internationally. She has led major projects with partners such as the Ontario Government, the Knight Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Gehl Architects.

Emily is passionate about making healthy choices easy for everyone, every day by creating cities where people can walk, bike, and play. She uses her creativity and problem-solving skills to develop stimulating and imaginative strategies to engage people in the process of improving their cities.

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Camila Uriona 
Camila Uriona, BA Communications
Admin & Communications Manager

Trained in communications, Camila has a special and creative expertise in client relations and is always keen to explore new forms of media. She has an outstanding sensitivity with people and brings compassion to all the work she does. 

Camila joined the 8 80 Cities team in 2011. A great multitasker, she takes care of both administration and communications.
Beyond her professional capacities, Camila is an artist and brings creativity into each aspect of her life through writing poetry, creating jewellery, and reading on the GO train while commuting to her home in Mississauga.

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Ryan O'Connor, BAH MAP
Project Manager

Ryan's work as an urban planner includes a diverse list of public realm improvement and community development projects – from parklets to plazas – in Vancouver, throughout Ontario, and in his hometown of Winnipeg.

At 8 80 Cities, Ryan contributed to the Doable Neighbourhood Project, and now supports a variety of initiatives as part of our partnership with the Knight Foundation. He holds a Master's in Urban Planning from the University of British Columbia.

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